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Taspen's Organics carries 4 products from Björn's Colorado Honey.

Choose from 10.5 oz Jars of Propolis & Double Propolis Honeys, Royal Colorado Honey & Raw Traditional Colorado Honey.  

Propolis and Double Propolis Honey: 
Propolis, an age-old remedy made by the bees from tree and plant resins, for a healthy immune system. Propolis Honey should not be heated as this can degrade the benefits of propolis. Double Propolis is even more potent honey for those seeking amazing benefits. 

Raw Traditional Colorado Honey:  
Made from a blend of Colorado front range wildflower and clover honey, the flavor is perfect for tea, baking, topping yogurt or eating by the spoonful. Björn's Raw Traditional is a medium-colored honey with beneficial enzymes, amino acids, and pollens intact, and is packed in a kosher facility. 

Local honey also contains regional pollens that, when eaten in small amounts, can help prepare the body for seasonal issues.

Royal Colorado Honey:
Royal jelly is a legendary protein made by bees to feed their young, and is the sole food for queen bees, who can live for four or more years. Björn's Royal Honey combines three substances from the hive that are renowned for their nutritional benefits. Royal Honey contains high-quality, dried, royal jelly which is known to have skin-beautifying properties.

One teaspoon a day for a healthy immune system!

Consume at room temperature.

DO NOT feed honey to infants under 1 year old.

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