Question: Is my product expired? What is the expiration of my product? 

Answer: The white sticker on the bottom of our products say "MFG" with a date. MFG stands for "Manufacturing" and the date is when the product was made. This is NOT the expiration of the product. We switched to manufacturing dates so our customers know the month the product was made. 

Since our products are natural without chemical preservatives it is best for the products to be used within a year after opening. 

Question: Can I take this product while pregnant, nursing or on medications? 

Answer: If taking medications, pregnant, nursing or have other serious medical conditions.  Please contact our Herbal Consultants at info@taspens.com or find a qualified Holistic Practitioner/Physician to determine interactions and/or side effects.

Question: What is the extraction process of the herbs used in our products?

Answer: All of our creams & oils are made from all organic, full spectrum earth elements including arnica, calendula, prickly ash bark, St. Johns wort... to name a few. We obtain the full spectrum of elements from each plant in the form of maceration.

During the maceration process, herbs are soaked in oil for up to 1 month to pull out the natural constituents the plants have to offer.  We then blend the maceration into the other oils to form the final products: plant based creams & oils  used to restore the body to natural balance.

Our whole plant, full spectrum extraction process keeps herbs as close to their original state with very minimal processing & as close to nature as possible.  

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