Affiliate & Brand Ambassador Information

Do you love our handmade, plant-based products and interested in partnering with us?  Help spread the wealth of knowledge on Taspen's Organics and Dragonfly Botanicals by becoming a part of our Affiliate Program or apply for our Brand Ambassador program.

Affiliate Program: 

Here's how it works:

We will set you up with a unique affiliate link to share with your audience. If you have a blog or social media following you can post your affiliate link and it will track all orders referred by you!  Every time someone purchases from that same device an algorithm tracks each purchase from that device.  It will keep track of the sales you initiate. Which will give you 10% net profit of your sales. You may also offer your audience a unique 20% off code to use toward their purchases. You can either use your affiliate link or your unique coupon code and your sales will be tracked. You can use your earned commission for store credit or we can issue a cash payout. 

Affiliate Program sign up page:


Brand Ambassador Program: 

Apply to this program if you are passionate about our products and want to be a part of our team.  As a Brand Ambassador, you will advocate for our products increasing brand awareness and sales through your network, social media following, blog, website, or business. Your affiliate link will track all orders referred by you! 

Brand Ambassador sign up page:

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