Moisturizing Body Creams

Our moisturizing Body Creams quickly absorb into the skin to help condition, soften and smooth while preventing & soothing dryness.  

These super-rich and moisturizing organic creams are jam-packed with nourishing plant oils for dry skin. Although you can reapply as often as you like, you will notice that our creams have great staying power!

  • Soothing for dry & sensitive skin
  • Skin feels moisturized, revitalized & healthy
  • Incredibly concentrated--a little goes a long way!
Unique formulas include Colloidal Silver & Shungite Infusions.


Base Ingredients: Sunflower Oil*, Coconut Oil*, Shea Butter*, Aloe Vera Liquid*, Shungite Water, Colloidal Silver, Beeswax & Organic Essential Oils*.

Citrus: Lemon Essential Oil*, Sweet Orange Essential Oil*, Tangerine Essential Oil*.

Eucalyptus/Peppermint: Eucalyptus Essential Oil* & Peppermint Essential Oil*.

Lavender: Lavender Essential Oil*.

Lavender/Lemon: Lavender Essential Oil* & Lemon Essential Oil*.

Lavender/Peppermint: Lavender Essential Oil* & Peppermint Essential Oil*.

Patchouli/Peppermint: Patchouli Essential Oil* & Peppermint Essential Oil*.

Unscented: Base Ingredients.



Apply daily to the entire body after bathing to relieve dry skin! Or apply whenever needed!


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