OVERSTOCK- Luxury Aromatherapy Shungite Mists

All spritzers are crafted with our Energy Balancing Formula:  Shungite 

Take your aromatherapy to the next level with our custom blend Luxury Line of Aromatherapy spritzers!  


An uplifting, cheerful & soothing blend that may help invigorate & enliven the mind, body & spirit!

Ingredients: Shungite Water, Grapefruit EO*, Lemon EO*, Bergamot EO*, Frankincense EO*, Night Blooming Jasmine EO*, Ylang Ylang EO*   (*Organic)


A beautiful blend of oils that brings peace and balance to your mind & body. 

Ingredients: Shungite Water, Lavender EO*, Lemon EO*, Lime EO*, Frankincense EO*  (*Organic)

Zen Blend:             

Soothe and relax the body, mind & spirit. Slow down & de-stress with this zen essential oil blend that promotes peace throughout your day. 

Ingredients: Shungite Water, Frankincense EO*, Lavender EO*, Bergamot EO*, Ylang Ylang EO* & Sandalwood EO*   (*Organic) 

Earth Blend:                                                                                                         

An amazing blend of oils known to have a relaxing & grounding aroma. 

Ingredients: Shungite Water, Frankincense EO*, Patchouli EO*, Vetiver EO*, Sandalwood EO*  (*Organic)


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