Restore & Revive Cream PLUS

Same as our original Restore & Revive Cream formula with the added benefits of  skin soothing essential oils. Helps to calm, repair & revive compromised skin, reducing irritation & boosting the skins ability to nurture cells. Use for dry, itchy, cracked skin. In addition to the essential oils of Tea Tree, Lavender, Geranium & Frankincense, we have added raw shea butter to help with the more severe skin conditions. 

An amazing product for a vast variety of skin ailments, such as:

  • Calluses & Rough Patches
  • Wounds, Cuts & Scrapes
  • Dry Patches
  • Rashes...including Diaper Rashes
  • Cracked Lips
  • Irritated and/or Itchy Skin
  • Burns
  • Sun/Age Spots
  • and More!

Ingredients: Olive Oil* and Coconut Oil* infused with Calendula Flowers*,  Comfrey Leaf*, St. John’s Wort*, Plantain*, Chickweed* and Witch Hazel* blended with Aloe Vera Gel, Shungite Water, Pure Beeswax, Silver Solution, Pink Himalayan Salt, Dead Sea Salt & Essential oils of Tea Tree*, Lavender, Geranium* & Frankincense*. 


100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed!

**Note:  If taking medications, pregnant, nursing or have other serious medical conditions, please contact a Qualified Holistic Practitioner to determine interactions and/or side affects.

**Not for use during pregnancy.  Please consult your qualified holistic practitioner if pregnant, breastfeeding or for drug interactions.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews Write a review

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