Satori Living ~ How to Create a Balanced Life You Love

Until now, we have been a society largely focused on the external world with the belief that material wealth holds the key to happiness. As a result, we have been a culture of “doers” believing that if we do more, we will have more, and thus will be happy. Achievement and material wealth have become the barometers by which we measure our self-worth. When success is elusive or fails to bring us the deep sense of satisfaction we anticipate, we fall into a state of unease that often manifests as depression, obesity, anxiety, loneliness, divorce, infertility, poverty, or disease to name a few. Although material things can certainly bring us pleasure, they alone cannot create the sense of satisfaction that a well-balanced life can offer. Without integrating fully developed mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions into our physical world, we will continue to feel as though something isn’t quite the way we want. A new paradigm is required, one that integrates, supports, and values our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions.

Satori Living by Destination Satori Founder Carol Gutzeit addresses the need for this balance, and provides a clear path for creating and sustaining it in order to achieve a life of deep satisfaction and well-being. This book will give you the tools you need to make the incremental changes necessary to achieve your goals and create a life of balance. Whatever you feel is missing from your life – whether it is financial abundance, physical health, loving relationships or some other elusive ideal – Satori Living holds the key to manifesting a multi-dimensional, deeply rewarding life. Satori!

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