OVERSTOCK Luxury Aromatherapy Mist Essential Oil "Spritzers" $35-$60

Take your aromatherapy to the next level with our custom blend Luxury Line of Aromatherapy spritzers!  You will certainly be satisfied with the grounding and uplifting properties of these blends.  ENJOY!!!!


An uplifting, cheerful and soothing blend which may help invigorate and enliven the mind, body and spirit!

Ingredients:   Shungite Water, Grapefruit EO*, Lemon EO*, Bergamot EO*, Frankincense EO*, Night Blooming Jasmine EO*, Ylang Ylang EO*   (*Organic)



A beautiful blend of oils known to have a relaxing and soothing aroma while uplifting the mind, body and spirit.  This nourishing and rejuvenating blend can be used all  over the body.

Ingredients: Shungite Water, Lavender EO, Lemon EO*, Frankincense EO*  (*Organic)


Zen Blend:             

Zen Aromatherapy is an amazing blend of oils known to have an relaxing and soothing aroma. This blend is wonderful for giving the mind, body and spirit a more zen-like feeling.**

Ingredients:   Shungite Water, Frankincense EO*, Lavender EO, Bergamot EO*, Ylang Ylang EO*, Sandalwood EO*   (*Organic) 


Earth Blend:                                                                                                         

Earth Aromatherapy is an amazing blend of oils known to have an relaxing and grounding aroma. This blend is wonderful for grounding in times where feel overwhelmed.

Ingredients:    Shungite Water, Frankincense EO*, Patchouli EO*, Vetiver EO*, Sandalwood EO*  (*Organic)


Love Potion:

A sensuous blend of infused & pure essential oils inspiring focus & emotional balance.  This aphrodisiac blend opens the heart center & fills it with joy & love.

Ingredients:    Shungite Water, Rose Hydrosol*, Lime EO*, Geranium EO*, Frankincense EO*, Patchouli EO*, Cinnamon EO*, Night Blooming Jasmine EO*  (*Organic)

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