OVERSTOCK Happiness Cream $35-$110

Our amazing Happiness Oil blend, available in roll-on or spray, has been brought to a cream.  This luxurious cream brings smiles & joy with its uplifting yet soothing aroma. Our creams are deeply nourishing & rejuvenating to the skin & can be used all over the body including the face. Excellent for cracked, aging or extremely dry skin.

Avocado Oil*, Kakui Nut Oil, Sunflower Oil*, Mango Butter*, Aloe Vera Liquid, Colloidal Silver, Shungite Water, Pure Beeswax, Tamanu Oil*, Argan Oil*, Rose Hip Seed Oil* & Organic Essential Oils of:  Grapefruit*, Lemon*, Bergamot*, Frankincense*, Night Blooming Jasmine* & Ylang Ylang*


~Jasmine has been known to awaken feelings that have long been forgotten and reopen a heart protecting itself from the stresses of life.

~Ylang Ylang lifts the mood while having a calming effect, and supports connections through the heart.*

~Bergamot is a powerful mood stabilizer.*

~Frankincense induces feelings of mental peace, relaxation & contentment.*

~Grapefruit is a powerful stimulant inducing feelings of hope, giving new directions to thoughts & enhancing creativity.*

~Lemon promotes a positive mood by clearing self-doubt & limiting beliefs, improving cognitive ability & helping with doubt, overwhelm, bad moods & lethargy.*

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Customer Reviews

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