Taspen's GardenKit

The Renewable Regenerative Coco Peet

Grow Anything You Want!

Taspen’s GardenKit is unlike other planting media. We have created a complete & balanced fertility system to achieve rapid growth high yield. Created out of a passion for sustainability and healthy living, Taspen’s is dedicated to delivering 100% renewable regenerative resources while also protecting our planet by sourcing environmentally friendly ingredients. 

What You Get:

One 15 gallon GROW BAG and a 10lb coco brick with built-in fertilizer proven to grow healthier food!

  • Ready to Grow
  • Soilless Media
  • Nutrient-Packed 
  • Free of Pathogens
  • Promotes Healthy Roots
  • Optimum Aeration
  • 15 Gallon Grow Bag Included
  • Use Seeds or Cuttings
  • Ideal Water to Air Ratio
  • Retains Water (less watering)

Grow anything you like from greens, veggies, herbs, house plants, outdoor plants & flowers!

For use indoors, outdoors, greenhouses and on farms.


  • Unwrap and unfold the bag
  • Add 3 gallons of water
  • Fluff Media
  • Poke 8 holes with a knife in the bottom of a bag on the X's for drainage
  • Fluff media again & add more water if needed
  • Plant seeds or cutting evenly apart & about 1" deep.

Ingredients: Coir pith, Neemcake, Roc phosphate, Dolomite Limestone, Magnesium Sulfate & Micro Nutrient Blend.

Net Content: Media mix, 15 Gallon grow bag & How-to-Guide: Weight 5kg est.

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**Please note GardenKits are warehoused and shipped from a different location than our Taspen's Organics Products so if you order both,  you will receive two packages. 
Garden Kit Q & A  The GardenKits concept is a solid platform to grow from. We have spent years developing the correct nutrient formula to provide plants with everything they need to grow into healthy plants.
What are the benefits of GardenKits compared to regular soil?
GardenKits are made from a base of renewable Organic Coconut fiber. An aggressive dose of neem cake is added with selected ingredients to provide a well-rounded nutrient "payload" to be delivered to the plants. Each bag when dry is light and easy to carry and is free from pathogens
Can Garden Kits be reused?
Yes and we encourage it! 3 crop cycles or more. You will need to add more nutrients after the first cycle and eventually, the coconut fiber will become a rich dense compost that would benefit your favorite tree or garden bed
I need to come up with some specific recommendations for fertilizer addition
What is the difference between Nutrients and fertilizer? Essentially they are the same, although the term nutrients are commonly used to define a more well-rounded approach to plant nutrition. IE providing a complete meal for the plants, all-encompassing.
How does Neemcake work? What are the benefits? In GardenKits Neem cake provides a slow-release form of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and some Potassium and micronutrients to the blend. Neem is a renewable resource and is revered in India for its anti-pest attributes owing to compounds inside the plant. It is grown in close proximity to the coconuts and is a natural companion to provide fertility.
What does soilless media mean?
Soilless media is a term to describe a growing substrate for the plant roots to anchor and access water and nutrition from that contains no actual soil or dirt. Soilless media is a popular way for farmers to grow uniform high-value crops without the worry of pathogens or compaction that sometimes come with dirt. 
Can you use this for houseplants? what is the benefit?
Yes you can and the benefit is easy lush growth 
Can this be used on a farm or in a greenhouse? Yes and yes
Can you grow inside and outside with a GardenKit? Yes, you can...as long as plants are involved :)
Our product contains no animal ingredients. The GardenKit ships separately from other Taspen's Organics & Dragonfly Botanicals products.  If you ordered other products, they will arrive in two separate packages.

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