Taspen's Garden Kit

The Renewable Regenerative Coco Peet

Grow Anything You Want!

Taspen’s GardenKit is unlike other planting media. We have created a complete & balanced fertility system to achieve rapid growth high yield. Created out of passion for sustainability and healthy living, Taspen’s is dedicated to delivering 100% renewable regenerative resources while also protecting our planet by sourcing environmentally friendly ingredients. 

What You Get

One huge 15 gallon GROW BAG and a 10lb coco brick with built-in fertilizer proven to grow healthier food!

  • Ready to Grow
  • Soilless Media
  • Nutrient-Packed 
  • Free of Pathogens
  • Promotes Healthy Roots
  • Retains Water 
  • Optimum Aeration
  • 15 Gallon Grow Bag Included
  • Use Seeds or Cuttings
  • Ideal Water to Air Ratio


  • Unwrap and unfold the bag
  • Add 3 gallons of water
  • Fluff Media
  • Poke 8 holes with a knife in the bottom of a bag on the X's for drainage
  • Fluff media again & add more water if needed
  • Plant seeds or cutting evenly apart & about 1" deep.

A Product of India Ingredients: Coir pith, Neemcake, Roc phosphate, Dolomite Limestone, Magnesium Sulfate & Micro Nutrient Blend.
Net Content: Media mix, 15 Gallon grow bag & How-to-Guide: Weight 5kg est.

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