10.10.30 Campaign Caregivers Gift Bags (Choose Zen or Lavender in the dropdown menu)

We are proud to be a sponsor of the inaugural 10.10.30 campaign, 10 Random Acts of Kindness and 10K books to Caregivers in 30 days.  November is National Family Caregiver's month and the time to celebrate caregivers in a way like never before.  We believe that extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures, so during a pandemic, when so many caregivers are forgotten, we want to sound the alarm.   Kick-off date - 10.10.20 @ 10:30 a.m. Campaign runs - November 1-30th   Join the campaign www.1030campaign.com We are so thrilled to be involved in supporting Caregivers as they are such important people to care for so they can continue to be of service to those in need of being cared for.  It is such a challenge to maintain self-care when caring for others, yet that is one of the most important things for a Caregiver to do.  We have created a couple of different self-care gift packages to assist in reducing stress, calming the nervous system and bringing healing to their bodies with organic, plant-based, herbal products that work.  Supporters of the 10.10.30 Campaign will also be able to purchase any of our Taspen's Organics Products or Dragonfly Botanicals Products with a special promotional code Caregiver on our websites to save 35% off any products until 12/31/20. Use the code Caregiver during checkout on Taspen's Organics Website www.taspens.com and Dragonfly Botanicals Website. (Promotion not available to be used in combination with other promotions.)


Zen Package $35 ($100 Value):

  • 1.7 oz Zen Cream: deeply moisturizing cream that is naturally calming
  • .35 oz Happiness Roll-on: Aromatherapy that is emotionally uplifting 
  • Restore & Revive Calming Stick: Nicknamed the "Fix it sick" is a skin supportive soothing salve used for chapped lips, dry or cracked skin, sensitive skin, bug bites and so much more
  • Zen Blend Tea: relieves stress and tension, promotes relaxation and improved sleep.

Lavender Healing Package $12 (Retail Value $40): 
  • 2oz Lavender Mist: Spray on your body or pillow for relaxation. Spray anywhere to freshen a room, car.
  • No more Aches trial size: for help with all of your aches, soreness, to improve motion and reduce swelling. 
  • Restore & Revive Calming cream Trial size: helps rebuild compromised, dry or cracked skin, sensitive skin, bug bites and so much more while calming and protecting. Great for all ages!


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