Speerlight Therapy

Speer means "to seek, sought after", light "illumination, enlighten, insight, awareness, source, energy".  Speerlight Therapy is translated as: "That which I seek is seeking me".

Speerlight Therapy is an evolving soul retrieval healing experience as one transcends through patterns, imprints and barriers in each session and gains insights and familiarity into their true nature. 

Through a series of energetic scans around the person's body field, layers of information are retrieved and interpreted. The frequency of that information is tuned in accordance with one's signature imprint (soul frequency) and amplified if it assists with their higher design or "charted" (repositioned with a shift in frequency, imprint and pattern) to recreate, harmonize and connect with one's higher self. 

Seek to be free from imprints and patterns so that you can connect and recognize your true self and develop the courage to live it! Sessions may include crystal, sound, acupressure, aroma, breathing and visualization therapy. Follow-up sessions include a visual "body chart" to discuss the findings of the previous session; as well as personal tools and exercises one may use to continue with their personal growth between sessions.

First Visit: 60 minutes $110

Follow Up Visits: 75 minutes $150 (includes body chart with interpretation).

Minors (ages 17 & under), Seniors (ages 65 & over) and military discount pricing: First Visit: $85, Follow Up Visit: $110


NOTE: You must book your session with practitioners through our online appointment service in order to ensure availability. We recommend booking your session prior to purchase. BOOK NOW. After you have confirmed your appointment you can return to this listing to complete payment for the service. If you are purchasing this as a gift for someone else, during checkout, please type gift/name of person in the "CUSTOMER NOTES" section.

You can also have this shipped directly to them, if you put their info in the shipping information section.


***If this is NOT a gift, your invoice is your reciept. You can reference your invoice # when attending your appointment.***

Thank you and Enjoy!

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