Zen Luxury Cream with Energy Balancing Formula

Our relaxing & soothing Zen Blend Aromatherapy, available in roll-on, spray or pure oil blend has now been brought to a cream! This luxurious cream can be used all over the body to deeply nourish dry, cracked or maturing skin. The wonderful aroma of this cream will help soothe and relax the body, mind & spirit. Zen Cream can be applied to feet before bedtime to promote a deeper night's sleep.

Heavier than our Body Creams, this super-rich and moisturizing Luxury organic cream is jam-packed with nourishing plant butter and oils that target ultra-dry skin. Within minutes, they will absorb deep into your skin creating a protective barrier. Although you can reapply as often as you like, you will notice that our little balms have a great staying power!

  • Soothing for dry, sensitive or itchy skin.
  • Skin feels moisturized, revitalized & healthy.
  • Incredibly concentrated--a little goes a long way!

This energy balancing aromatherapy formula help protects from the damaging effects of environmental stressors with the Earth’s ancient most, powerful shield: Shungite

All creams are crafted with our Energy Balancing Formula:  Shungite infused water to provide a protective barrier from the surrounding environment.  Shungite is a Precambrian mineral high in the cleansing element, carbon.  Approximately 2 billion years old, Shungite in its raw form comes only from the mineral deposit in the Republic of Karelia, Russia & is know to fight environmental stressors that cause fatigue, tension & other EMf damage.


Avocado Oil*, Kakui Nut Oil, Mango Butter*, Aloe Vera Liquid, Colloidal Silver, Colloidal Copper, Shungite Water, Pure Beeswax, Tamanu*, Argan*, Rose Hip Seed Oil* & Essential Oils of: Frankincense*, Lavender*, Bergamot*, Ylang Ylang* & Sandalwood.*


100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed!

~ Ylang Ylang lifts the mood while having a calming effect, and supports connections thru the heart.

~Bergamot is a powerful mood stabilizer reducing nervous tension.

~Frankincense induces feelings of mental peace, relaxation & contentment. 


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