Soft Whispers Bath Salts

Do you need to wind down after a hard week? Or are you looking to pamper yourself? Indulge in the aromas and herbs of our Soft Whispers Bath Salts. Breathe in the relaxing aromas of Lavender and Chamomile while soaking in the minerals of Epsom Salts, Himalayan Pink Salts and Dead Sea Salt. *


Epsom Salt, Himalayan Salt, Dead Sea Salt and Chamomile Flowers & Lavender EO

Run a warm bath and place the desired amount of bath salts in the included cloth bag to keep loose herbs together. Relax and soak in the relaxing and refreshing oils of Soft Whispers while soaking in the benefits of our mineral salt blend.

Our Soft Whispers Bath Salts are safe for most individuals. 

Not recommended for infants or children under 10 years of age. 

Consult with a doctor prior to use if you are: pregnant, breastfeeding, taking any medications, or if you have a history of high blood pressure.

24 ounces

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