End Your Year on a Positive Note by Paulette Fara-Schembri

As the year comes to a close, many of us will reflect on the past 12 months and will focus only on one thing; What didn’t I accomplish?. What if we changed it up and ended the year with a list of all the good things that happened and all your accomplishments? This may have been a great year for you personally and professionally but maybe your health took a turn. Or the opposite; you lost the weight you wanted to lose and feel healthier than ever, but you lost your favorite job or lost a friend to an illness. Whatever happened this year, it is so important to end the year on a positive note so you can leap into the next decade with a pep in your step and motivation to move forward. 

In order to do this, you need to shift your perspective just a bit. Look at your past year month by month with an optimistic approach. Jot down what happened in January and how it helped you move forward in your personal or professional life. (Note to self, this is easier to do each month instead of waiting until the end of the year to put it all together. So, this year, start a monthly journal and jot down everything that happens at the end of each month.)

Each month write down specific things you were very grateful for during that month. Also write down all of your accomplishments. Again, it is easier to do this day by day and then at the end of the month write down some of the big accomplishments and gratitudes that pull it all together. 

What goals did you set up for yourself for last year? Which goals did you accomplish? Which goals were hard and you couldn’t meet them all. What were the reasons for not meeting the goals? Could you continue this year and be able to meet them?

What new experiences did you have? Did they excite you or change your life in some way? The more mindful we are of the changes in our lives, the easier it is to see the positive progress we have made over the past year. Did you surpass a professional or career goal? 

Believe it or not, our failures are a part of our journey, so don’t beat yourself up for anything that you failed at this past year. Write down those failures too, all of them. If you want to achieve happiness and success you need to fail. When you can acknowledge them, accept them and appreciate them you will learn from them and grow and expand. Don’t focus on these negatives or failures, just simply write them down and maybe a quick note as to what you learned from the experience. How could you handle that type of situation now, knowing what you now know? Pat yourself on the back for being able to handle these experiences and able to grow from them. 

Celebrate your wins and successes! Every little accomplishment deserves a celebration. Make sure you take time to do this in the next year. Sometimes it is easier to place an empty jar on a countertop and when anything big happens, or a happy moment occurs, write it on a piece of paper and put it in the jar. At the end of the year, pull them out and read them aloud. You will be surprised at the memories that flood from that jar with all your happy moments from the past year. 

Last, but not least, look forward to the new year with optimism. The New Year is for fresh starts in all areas of your life. Take the next few weeks to create a new list of goals and a plan for achieving each one. Can you use a tip from this past year on how to make sure you accomplish your goals? What could you improve on and what are you doing right? Make note of these things and set up a goal to get you to your next level. Don’t forget to map out your finances like you want too. Create a good goal-setting timeline and be realistic with what you want to accomplish financially this year. 

Ending your year on a high note is all about perspective. In every situation there is always a positive to be learned. It is time to look forward to the new year with hope, compassion and positive success in all you want to accomplish. You can create a most spectacular year for yourself, so start off on the right path from the start. 

Happy New Year~

Paulette Fara-Schembri
Paulette Fara-Schembri


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