Detoxifying Organs - All About the Kidneys Today

By Denise Temple

Week 3 of series: 

Next up...the KIDNEYS. When it comes to protecting the body, a discussion involving the best ways of keeping the heart, brain, and digestive tract strong is almost always brought up. The urinary tract – which includes the kidneys and bladder – carries a heavy burden when it comes to removing many of the body’s toxins. When the urinary tract is under a great deal of stress, toxins can build up and damage organs. 

   Kidney infection, kidney stones, have heard of them or had them, and realize there is discomfort in unhealthy organs. A kidney infection is an acute condition that occurs when bacteria or a virus travels to the kidneys resulting in an infection. The kidneys are designed to clean waste from the blood and make urine. The ureters carry this urine from the kidneys to the bladder, where it is stored until urination.

   Our bodies know how to do their jobs of cleansing and detoxing. We need to care for these bodies, nurture them with quality foods, supply them with clean water, and know when it is crying out for help! 

Water, Water, Water. Daily consumption of quality, clean water is absolutely necessary for a properly functioning body. And water is most definitely needed for our kidneys to support the body in detoxifying regularly and consistently.

   The knowledgeable guidance shared by Denise Temple, functional medicine practitioner, can support you in having the ideal body, carrying you to longevity of life, naturally by using a resourceful tool Nutritional Dry Blood Cell Analysis.


Alexa Morrow
Alexa Morrow


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