Self Love ~ Why We Should Take Time To Love Ourselves

So often than not we get caught up in the Hallmark Holiday known as Valentine’s Day. What if we shifted our energy in a different way and rather than getting caught up in gaining love from external sources, we start to practice seeing ourselves as containers full of love, truly embodying and radiating that love? This practice will automatically attract external love sources to us, whether it be our lovers, children, pets, tangible things, experiences, adventures, etc. This process is even better if we stay true to ourselves, ultimately, to our intentions of our hearts or our divine essence of love. We will start to realize that those external manifestations of love are exactly what we need in our lives to evolve, grow, and thrive!

How do you fill up your cup you ask? The answer is in the self-love process; taking care of mind, body and spirit. We often forget about taking care of ourselves because we get so wrapped up in taking care of others (family, friends, colleagues, business partners, lovers, etc.). Often we tell ourselves we don’t have enough time to take care of ourselves which can unfortunately, lead to the degredation of our own health. If it’s not having enough time, it’s some other excuse, until we start realizing we’ve manifested some sort of health problem, dis-ease or imbalance in our minds, bodies or spirits.

The wise saying of “we must love ourselves first before we can love anyone else” is so true! Think if you don’t have any love for yourself and your cup is empty, how could you have any love to give to or share with someone else? This is why self-care is so very important!

Some tips to practice self-love:

~Give yourself some alone time. The power of having alone time and time to ground is invaluable. You can allow for yourself to connect with the things that make you the most happy, and free yourself from any external attachments. This will connect you to your heart and to peace within yourself.

~Practice healing in community (yoga, meditation, dance, QiGong). Classes in community (which we also offer at Taspen’s) become so healing when you connect to your love to yourself on the mat as well as share that with others. When you share this healing, self-love energy with others around you, you have the ability to let others inspire, encourage and motivate you, and in most cases, you will find that everyone you are practicing with are complete mirrors to you; usually someone is going through something very similar, and this gives everyone the chance to transmute and heal the energy.

~Give yourself the gift of touch, body work, or energy work. If you are open to receiving this work, it can really open you in ways that you may not have thought or felt was possible! You may find out something that is blocking you from achieving your goals sub-consciously, which can ultimately bring you closer to your heart and the love for yourself.

~Practice conscious eating. Robyn Johnson, our in-house Food & Wellness Educator and Health Coach, teaches that when you connect all of your senses to your food, including conscious chewing (30 chews before swallowing), it allows for an easier digestion of carbs, makes it easier on the stomach and small intestines, and better nutrient absorption. Ultimately, this allows for the intention to transmute to love through the digestion process.

~Get into nature! Nature de-charges and releases energies we no longer need. If we remember that the Earth takes all that we no longer need, we can open ourselves up to what we truly need, including love!

We would like to help you in your quest for self-love and self-care process by offering you some really amazing products and services! And on top of that, we will share our love with you and provide you with some great discounts!

Taspen’s Services To Refill Your Cup

Yoga: Yoga is a wonderful practice to practice presence, self-love and acceptance among so much more! Yoga has a plethora of physical, mental and spiritual health benefits: drops blood pressure, regulates adrenals, increases flexibility, improves balance, maintains nervous system, boosts immune system, increases self-esteem and so much more. Check out this article: 38 Health Benefits of Yoga by Timothy McCall, MD for more ideas on how yoga benefits you and is a practice of self-love! Make time for yourself by attending one of our wonderful yoga, meditation or 3 Ki’s (Qigong, Tai Chi, Reiki) classes. Check out our Shanti Studio yoga and class schedule! If you are new to our yoga studio, enjoy a FREE yoga class on us now through February 29, 2016!

EVOX: Releasing Emotions & Perceptions Re-Framing: This is a wonderful healing modality to clear out old emotional baggage and habits, and can be used to heal the heart. EVOX allows you to re-frame old perceptions to improve health, relationships and performance. The EVOX balances emotions through ‘Perception Re-framing’ using healthy EMF frequencies which release subconscious stress. Learn more…. Schedule an EVOX session with one of our practitioners and receive 10% off your session now through February 29, 2016!

Massage: Massage Therapy is a no-brainer when it comes to self-love and self-care. There are so many mental, physical and spiritual health benefits including lowering blood pressure, reducing heart rate, increasing endorphins, increasing blood circulation and lymph flow, stimulating weak and underactive muscles, helps relieve mental stress and anxiety, promoting mind-body connection and so much more! Read this awesome article on the benefits of massage! Taspen’s has several massage practitioners who offer many types of massage! Our website is under construction at the moment, but you can find out more about our massage here as well! Call us at (303) 816-0429 to book your appointment today! Mattie is also now offering massage packages for Pre-Natal, Restorative, Therapeutic and Thai Yoga Massage! 3-Packs: Save 10%, 6-Packs: Save 15%, 10-Packs: Save 20%!

Here are some really wonderful reads on self-love:

Twelve Things A Highly Sensitive Person Needs by Jenn Granneman of Introvert, Dear

Benefits of Surya Namaskar (Classic Sun Salutation) by

Laurie Love
Laurie Love


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