Cabbage Rejuvelac Probiotic Drink


Pro-biotic Drink: Cabbage Rejuvelac ~ Home-based recipe Rejuvelac is a wonderful addition to any diet.

It provides amazing pro-biotic benefits, replenishing the gut with lactobacteria, is easy to prepare and is inexpensive!

What you need:

* 2 cups organic green cabbage

* 4 cups distilled or purified water

* Optional: Blender or food processor

* Mason jars with lids or cheese cloth and rubber bands

Directions: Sterilize your jars with soap and water and let them dry completely. Blend or process cabbage and distilled water. Allow the cabbage to be finely chopped but not mushy. Pour the mixture into the mason jars leaving one inch of room at the top. Cover the jars loosely with canning lids or cover with cheese cloth and a rubber band. Store in a dark, cool space for 3 days. (The inside of the cabinet is ideal--try not to allow natural light to get to the jars during its fermentation time.)

Note: You can make this recipe without the use of a blender or food processor by chopping the cabbage very fine and then squeeze or massage the cabbage until it's broken down. Only use 1.5 cups of cabbage with the same amount of water in the recipe.


Laurie Love
Laurie Love


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